Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sleep Update

Tuesday was the first night I tried my nature sounds to help me fall asleep. I set it to run for the maximum, 99 minutes. I climbed into bed at 10:30 and 99 minutes later when it went off, I was STILL AWAKE! Sometime, before it went off, Dean left the bed because he was tired of listening to the nature sounds. Which I really didn't understand because I had been listening to him snore softly for most of that time. So I fell asleep sometime later, probably about 12:30 because I continued to toss and turn after it shut off.

Wednesday morning I have class at 8:00 so when my alarm went off at 5:30 (remember I have to allow at least an hour driving time) I got up and went to the bathroom and I felt so sick and tired so I decided I would skip by 8:00 class. Normally that class has pop quizzes so I try to never skip and I figured being we started class presentations from the students this week, there would be no quizzes in the near future. So I went back to bed and reset the alarm for 6:30 so I could go to my 9:00 class. Well, of course I didn't fall back asleep because I need a good two hours to do that, but it still felt good just to lay there for the next hour. (Btw ~ when I got to school, I talked to someone from my 8:00 class and guess what?! We had a quiz!! Guess I won't be skipping 8:00 class anymore.)

Last night I could hardly keep my eyes open after supper. Finally at 9:00 I decided to call it a night. As I was on my way to bed, I found that my kids and husband were playing King's Corner so I joined them for two rounds. I then got ready for bed. I wanted to make sure I got some good sleep because I don't have class today and the kids are on Spring Break so I don't have to take them to school. So I took a sleeping pill and turned my nature sounds on for 99 minutes and crawled into bed at 9:30. I was still awake when Dean came to bed at 10:30 but alseep by the time my nature sounds shut off, thank goodness! I woke up at 5:30 because Dean was snoring again but thankfully fell alseep again shortly after giving him a few kicks in the shin to get him to stop. Hey, I need my sleep, too!! I heard him getting ready for work between 7 and 8 and fell back to sleep. Finally woke up at 9:00 and crawled out at 9:30. I feel better but still really tired.

I think if I keep trying my nature sounds they will eventually help me fall asleep quicker but I just need to adjust to that extra noise. I remember last summer when Dean plugged in our dehumidifier, I thought he was crazy because it was so loud and I thought I would never get to sleep with it running (our bedroom was in the basement and it was basically right outside our door). After a week or so, I got used to it and it no longer kept me awake. I remember last fall when he unplugged it and it was so quiet down there. How was I going to fall alseep? I finally got used to it being so quiet.

So these are my options:
1. Buy a devotional bible
2. Buy a memory foam pillow
3. Become addicted to sleeping pills
4. Nature sounds
5. Go to doctor
6. Some how try to remove stress in my life (don't know how to even attempt this one right now)

Right now I'm going to concentrate on my nature sounds and will maybe go to the bookstore to get a devotional bible or some easy reading. I love to read but with school I just don't find time to read for enjoyment. (In the summer I read 20-30 books while hanging out with the kids at the pool or their extra-curricular activities.) And one would think I could just read my textbooks and this should put me to sleep but it doesn't!!

And now I think I'm starting to get anxiety about even going to bed because it's been so stressful the last 6 weeks just to fall asleep!!

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Just Mom said...

You kicked him in the shins. I LOVE IT!

Sorry about the pop quiz. I hope that wasn't Dan's class. :-)

Just Mom said...
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Andrea said...

I asked my husband tonight if he remembered me kicking him and he said he felt the kick. (I kicked him three times!)

Nope, pop quiz in Biology! I hate Biology!!

Lori B said...

Are you sleeping better yet?
Did any of the suggestions help you?
I hope you are getting a better night of sleep.
Have a great weekend!